For centuries, the Southern Cross star constellation provided a reliable beacon for sailors to safely navigate the wide ocean expanses of the southern hemisphere.  Following along a similar tradition, Southern Cross Intellectual Property is proud to act as a beacon to help you navigate your IP journeys in both Australia and New Zealand.  Let us help you safely and reliably reach your IP destination, and achieve your goals of IP procurement, protection, and where needed, enforcement.

Southern Cross Intellectual Property was formed in July 2021 when In-Legal Limited, founded by Jane Calvert in 2010, joined forces with Martin IP Pty Ltd, founded by Todd Martin in 2018.  Jane and Todd had worked together previously in an intellectual property firm in 1997 and are excited to join forces and bring you Southern Cross Intellectual Property providing services in New Zealand and Australia under the Southern Hemisphere's most famous constellation.

Southern Cross

Princess Bay Aurora | © Mark Gee