We are pleased to announce our re-branding as Southern Cross Intellectual Property (SCIP).  Our name was intentionally chosen to represent something well-known to many in the Australian/New Zealand region, which is the Southern Cross star constellation.  This constellation has been used to guide many to safety across uncertain waters, and we feel it represents what we would like to do for our clients; guide them through the at times unpredictable intellectual property process.

Jane Calvert and I worked together in May, 1997 after I embarked on a world-wide internship during my final year at a U.S.-based law school.  We have kept in contact through the years, and the stars are now aligning to provide us with this opportunity to join forces and do what we love best, under a wider Australia/New Zealand umbrella.  A remarkable thing is that Jane and I share the same key core values on professionalism and commitment to clients, as do our valued team members.  That is a foundation upon which the SCIP team will build our organisation for longevity, and weather turbulent global times. So welcome to the start of a new journey for Jane and I (and the rest of the SCIP team), a journey which we look forward to sharing with you.