Jane and Todd have helped me apply for IP protection for a complicated software system. Their combination of knowledge, experience, technical understanding and enthusiasm has made this challenging process run far more smoothly than anyone could reasonably expect. Working with them has been a pleasure – far more like having an unusually helpful and attentive internal legal team than hiring outside consultants. In addition to the patent work that they have done for me, Jane has supported me though a set of contractual and licensing negotiations with a corporate partner, required to further develop my IP. This has resulted in a great outcome that is foundational for a solid long term relationship, and her input has very much appreciated by all parties involved in the process. Every invoice I ever had from Jane and Todd seemed to me to represent exceptionally good value.

Martin Lafferty

Todd Martin of [Southern Cross IP] is an exceptionally talented patent attorney we have trusted implicitly for over 10 years in developing and maintaining our complex, multi-layered portfolio. His expertise and firsthand experience in the USA, Australia and New Zealand has helped us strategically maximise our patent activities at every step of the process. If your organisation is serious about the quality and defensibility of its intellectual property, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending [Southern Cross IP].

Ben Davis – Executive Director - Kortek Industries Pty Ltd.